Fresh Produce 

Eating is something we love to do! So, it’s no surprise that we LOVE growing quality, organically grown, chemical free, seasonal fruit and veg! 
Part of our passion to grow food for ourselves and our community came after years of disappointment buying old, tasteless, nutritionally devoid food. New Life Farm started as a hoby trialing growing  enough veg for family and friends, to what the farm is today – a diverse samall scale farm a foodies haven and supplier of wholesome produce to the local Coffs Coast community. 

What do you guys grow? 

We a wide variety of seasonal vegetables, herbs and fruit. 
All our seed stock is of the finest quality from reputable suppliers, GMO free, certified organic and open pollinated where possible….. and we don’t use any chemicals whatsoever at any stage of the growing or harvesting process!
We are always open to growing produce that you want. If there is a particular item you would like us to grow, let us know here.

How do I get my hands on some of that tasty produce?! 

We currently have an online store open to pre-registered New Life Farm customers. You can learn more by clicking on the button below. 

Order cycles open weekly on Mondays for collection from the farm available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 9.30am - 6.00pm direct from the farm in Sapphire Beach.