The Farm

Located in Sapphire Beach just a  7 minute drive from Coffs Harbour and 10 minutes to Woolgoolga, New Life Farm is situated on 24 acres, close to beaches and bushland.

The family owned farm has been in the family for three generations. Whilst not always farmed during this time, the land has seen a number of farms operate from cattle to timber and vegetable farms. 

Today, third generation farmer, Darren Smith is the chief farmer on the property that produces 100% chemical and spray free produce, eggs, compost, biochar and consultancy. 

The farm's design is based on permaculture principles, a system that integrates land, people, resources and the environment to simulate patterns and structures that occur in natural ecosystems, working with rather than against nature and within a closed loop, no waste system. 

Only 3 years young in 2017, New Life Farm was a long desired dream of Farmer Darren Smith, and with the support of his family and friends, Darren is delighted to see the farm come to life and thrive. 

Darren Smith

The Farmer

Darren is the passionate driver of the development of New Life Farm. Always a very keen green thumb and man who prefers to be outdoors and in nature, Darren had a dream of returning the family property to farming and in 2014 returned to the property full time to build New Life Farm to what it is today. 

Darren turned his hobby into his life's vocation after a period of educating himself on ..............

Darren is supported by his doting parents Helen and Paul Smith and cheered on by his partner, Alice.


Helen & Paul Smith