Chickens & Eggs 

The best eggs & happiest hens you could ever meet at new life farm 

Our chickens are all hand raised on the farm, bred from our purebred Australorp roosters and hens. 
The girls (and the few boys) play an integral role on the farm, prepping garden areas and contributing to our farm fertility and composting system.  
Our happy hens are free to roam in the day, rotated around various paddocks and growing areas on the property and our girls produce the best eggs you have ever tasted – ok, we may be a little biased but this is just what our customers tell us too!
The chickens enjoy a healthy diet of certified organic pellets and a grain mix that we ferment here on the farm, veggie cuttings from the garden as well as bugs and worms that they are lucky enough to scratch up whilst they forage in the pasture and fallow garden beds.
Eggs are for sale, $7.50 per dozen with occasional specials on multi dozen buys.


Buy black australorp Fertilised eggs

We are in our 4th year of breeding our purebred Black Australorp chickens. The flock is hand raised naturally and is fed a certified organic commercial feed from day one supplemented with apple cider vinegar and garlic, Diatomaceous Earth and a blended probiotic formula.

Our breeding stock consists of 20 hens and 2 roosters, the hens have a minimum age of 24 months and are hand selected from our flock of 70 hens.

They’re carefully selected for the following traits - overall health, good egg laying rate, rarely going clucky, good size and weight for the dinner table, forage ability and temperament.

If you would like to purchase fertilised eggs please visit our online store here and click under ‘Garden Supplies’ for details.