The Healing Room pop up clinic at New Life Farm 19-20 October 2018

Toni Livingstone and Marg Hombsch from The Healing Room, set to hold their pop up clinic at New Life Farm in October 2018

Toni Livingstone and Marg Hombsch from The Healing Room, set to hold their pop up clinic at New Life Farm in October 2018

Part of the vision for New Life Farm has always been about the bigger, holistic picture – growing quality food, enjoying a balanced life, good health and emotional and spiritual well-being.

We were fortunate enough to both engage Marg and Toni from The Healing Room in Tamworth about 8 months ago to have a cellular health scan and learn more about our bodies, what’s lacking, what we have too much of and how our emotions impact our physical state. The experience was invaluable, made that much more meaningful having two incredible ladies, Marg Hombsch and Toni Livingstone guide and educate us through the journey.

Marg is a relative of Al’s and lives on a farm with her family in Tamworth. Toni is her best friend and their skills and palpable connection to one another makes their services something so special we wanted to share it with you.

Marg and Toni will be holding a clinic over 19-20 October 2018 on the farm, providing one on one cellular health scans consults. We caught up with them to find out more.

Tell us a bit about yourselves.

We are Tamworth locals, having lived, worked and raised our families in this community for most of our lives. We feel so blessed that our coming together has resulted in a deep friendship and an amazing collaborative business partnership.

We are Holistic Psychotherapists and studied at the Metavision Institute in Bowral. We work in a way that supports the inherent strength and wisdom of the client, while taking into account the environment and with the intention of seeing the whole person rather than their pathology.

Our interest in the interconnectedness of mind and body led us to undertake further study in the area of nutrition and gut health with “Phion Elements of Life”.

You and Toni combined your services and launched The Healing Room in Tamworth in January 2017, tell us more about that.

We have channeled our compatibility and shared passions to create The Healing Room Tamworth. This concept was born from a deep desire to explore the relationship between the physical, psychological and emotional underpinnings to health and wellness.

We both have qualifications in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy and have developed a unique method of co-facilitating each session. Together we create a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment, allowing the exploration of issues causing distress and impacting general health and well-being.

The Healing Room Tamworth is home to Counselling and Psychotherapy Services (for individuals and couples), plus Cellular Health Scans which includes invaluable advice on physical, emotional and mental well-being.

You’re visiting the farm over Friday 19 and Saturday 20 October for a very special one on one consultation using a cellular scanning device. Can you explain what the cellular scan is?

The Cellular Health Scan is a hand-held device that measures the electrical frequency of cells, identifying areas that are either deficient or under stress and causing any health issues and a general feeling of unwellness (see a pic of the device below).

The scan provides us with a comprehensive overview of all body systems identifying which areas are out of balance and contributing to a lack of health. This allows us to provide an alternative conversation around health and the tools to address issues based on nutrient dense food, quality water, positive lifestyle and a life-affirming environment.

The philosophy of looking at health holistically sits perfectly with our psychotherapy training which is why we love that the scan can give us so much insight into exactly what is going on in YOUR body.

How will the one on one consults work?

We will get you in for a one-hour session at our pop up clinic at New Life Farm in beautiful Sapphire Beach. Once you’ve had your scan (which is simple, non-invasive and done from the comfort of your chair), we will go through your results and discuss options for getting your health back on track. Removal of toxins, releasing emotional blockages and integrating lifestyle balance are some of the tools offered as options for your choice of treatment to help your body heal itself. We also have access to a range of Phion products which support the body naturally in this process.

Ideally, we like to monitor your progress over six monthly periods and compare the results to gauge progress.

You’ve mentioned you work with Phion products. Can you tell us a bit more about Phion?

Phion products have been developed by Robert Gourlay’s group of research companies since 2003. Robert Gourlay is a Research Scientist from the Southern Highlands with over 40 years experience in the area of soil, water and human health. Phion products are based on natural elements, detailed research, product testing and quality control. Understanding the role of nutrition and microbial balancing from the soil to the gut inspired the development of the Phion range of products. All products are natural and non-toxic and have been designed to provide cell nutrition and optimize the ability of the body to restore its own equilibrium.

How can people book in for the clinic you are holding here at New Life Farm on 19-20 October?

You can contact us directly to book in by phoning me, Marg on 0418427889 or Toni 0410026697 or email

Thanks Marg and Toni, we are looking forward to catching up with you both in October!

Marg Hombsch and Toni Livingstone

Advanced Dip. Holistic Psychotherapy, Dip. Applied Holistic Counselling, Phion Advanced Practitioner Training, Cert IV Training and Assessment. Member: PACFA

The Cellular Health Scan device at The Healing Room Tamworth

The Cellular Health Scan device at The Healing Room Tamworth