Biochar is charcoal, and we use it at New Life Farm as a valuable soil amendment.

Produced on the farm with our in-house designed and built biochar kiln, all of our waste timber on the property is utilised in this system. Through the process of direct thermal decomposition of biomass in the absence of oxygen, solid char is produced. We use the solid char in the garden to increase soil fertility, to stablise soil pH as well as help create an environment where soil biology can thrive.

If you would like biochar for your garden, we can help you in two ways. 

  1. You can purchase 20kg bags of biochar that we have produced on the farm 
  2. You can hire our biochar kiln for use on your own property. You can collect it from the farm or we can bring it to you for a small fee. A standard burn is 12 hours so you will need to hire the burner for at least 2 whole days. Contact us for more information on hiring our burner here.