Consultancy & Training

As part of our mission here at New Life Farm, we want to connect with as many of you as possible to share skills and help you with your own projects be it small farm set up, hobby farms, or just new skills that you can implement in your backyard. 



We have already helped a number of individuals with their projects.

Our farmer Darren Smith is the chief consultant at New Life Farm.

Darren is a licensed electrician with extensive experience managing large scale infrastructure projects around Australia, and is certified in permaculture design and trained in holistic management.

Darren's skill set helps to give our client's projects a well rounded perspective and practical approach.

Typical client requests include small farm design and layout, water harvesting and management, soil fertility and cropping plans.



As part of our mission at New Life Farm, we are passionate about helping people obtain what we would consider 'life skills'.  These 'life skills' include; confidently growing your own food and understanding the link between biologically diverse soil and nutrient dense food, ability to design, build and manage systems and processes related to all aspects of farming and food production, and preparing food to maximise its nutritional benefit to our bodies. 

Training opportunities are available in the form of:

  • one on one training sessions on the farm
  • internships 
  • volunteering
  • group training - short courses starting 2018

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