At New Life Farm, compost is a vital component of our process whereby we return valuable nutrients to our soil to improve fertility in order to to grow the most nutritionally dense food possible! 

All of our organic farm waste is initially processed through our on farm chicken run where the chickens scratch, shred and poop in a deep litter system. Once every 12 months or so the chicken run is emptied into our compost areas for composting. 

Currently we are using the Berkeley method of composting which is 'hot composting', cooking the pile to temperatures to a range of 55-65 degrees Celsius.  We are also currently experimenting with anaerobic composting which is essentially a 'cold composting' method - equates to less labour whilst not compromising on quality.

It' s our goal to be using 100% our own compost on the garden and orchards, however we currently supplement our compost requirements with certified organic compost from several sources depending on availability.  

We also have 20kg bags of compost available for sale. If you are interested in purchasing compost please contact us here.